Monday, December 17, 2012

Art students take The Tour

Students with Ms Harrington and Chatham
Artists Guild member Forrest Greenslade
 in the Forrest Dweller Sculpture Garden.
Photo by Kelly Butler, Eagle Eye Photography, Pittsboro.
Art students from the Haw River Christian Academy in Pittsboro visited a number of studios at the 20th Chatham Studio Tour. Their art teacher, Lisa Harrington guided the 4th through 7th graders in their special tour, linking the educational experiences of local artists to what they are learning in their classes. They enjoyed seeing the work of Dmitri and Janet Resnick, Emma Skurnick, Mark Hewitt and Forrest Greenslade.


Lisa Harrington said...

Forrest, thank you for the wonderful studio tour. The kids had a great time. The ones who were able to attend were torturing the others with tales of the wonders that they missed! We can't wait to do it again!
Lisa Harrington

Lisa VB said...

We had a very nice tour with Forrest and loved how he gave us the names of his art and the story behind it! Our eyes were opened up to new ways of doing art and my daughters were inspired!

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