Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

This invigorating winter weather has inspired Carol-Ann and me to create a new trail in The Forrest Dweller Sculpture Garden. It runs along our little stream that empties into the creek that defines the Fearrington Creekwood Nature Trail. 
You enter our Walk On The Wild Side through the Hawk Arbor.

A large fallen tree directs you to the little stream.

Here is where our stream pours into the Creekwood Stream.

Walk along the stream toward a long legged bird.

Oh look -- A Greater Regret.

Go past a lovely Beech Tree to the big rock.

From the big rock, you can see Jordan Lake Lift Off.

The eagle close up and personal. You can see our house in the background. Also note the wind row of dead fall branches. This provides habitat for small birds and animals. As the branches and leaves break down, the composted material will evolve into natural berms supporting ferns and other native plants.

Turn around to see Not Quite First In Flight.

Oh no -- A Nice Pair Of Hooters.

Two beautiful boulders frame a large sculpted metal tree.

Look back at the trail through Beech Music and Shag Dancing.

Folks who stay in The Artist's Garret can enjoy our Sculpture Garden, including our new Walk On The Wild Side. You can book The Artist's Garret on Air BNB.

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Carol-Ann said...

If you haven't been on the wild side trail lately, c'mon by. You will notice new additions, both vegetative and sculptural.