Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doin' A Dragon

Chatham County North Carolina's Pittsboro has some wonderful parks and recreation facilities. The Mary Hayes Barber Park, just north of town off Route 15/501, is a delightful spot for sports and kid's play.
Parks planner Paul Horne, when laying out the park, brought in an assemblage of large rocks. He had them laid out in a serpentine arrangement, as a containing wall for a garden just behing the soccer field. In his mind's eye, Horne saw a giant dragon frolicking among the grasses and flowers.

Horne inspired Chatham artists Jonathan Davis, Joe Kenlan and Forrest Greenslade to transform the formidable wall of rocks into an imposing dragon for kids to enjoy.

Sculptor and painter Greenslade first measured the "head stone" and welded a base for the armiture, the skeletal structure that underpinns a sculpture.

Stone mason Joe Kenlan drilled holes into the large very hard rock, and fastened the "lower jaw" to the rock with bolts.

Greenslade then began creating the armature from hardware cloth and chicken wire. He incorporated a red tongue that he had fabricated from sheet steel.

Horne, Kenlan and Greenslade then mixed a composite material from cement, peat moss and an acrylic fortifyer. His procedures are published on his website.They plastered it over the the wire armiture. Horne added spines, using slate tiles rescued from on old building.

They inserted class eyeballs that had been created by glass artist Jonathan Davis.

And voila -- Pittsboro's ferocious but friendly dragon.

Greenslade says, "it's more fun than any old guy deserves".


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Anonymous said...

Very Cool! Glad to see the CCCC artists collaborating on this project.

Anonymous said...

You have too much fun. I love it. BJ

Steve Shafer said...

Forrest, you are the MAN _ to create a cool sculpture that everybody can love. Thank you.

Mary McGuire Wittenborn said...

This is wonderful in too many ways too describe. A creative act the inspires the imagination of others, changes the world.

Mary McGuire Wittenborn said...

"that inspires" :)