Sunday, August 18, 2013

Duck Duck Goose, A sculptural kids game

Duck duck goose
Critters on the loose
Children laughing in the garden.

Goose duck duck                                      
Kids have all the luck
Running wild in the yard, and

Duck duck goose
They use any excuse
To laugh and run without regard, and

Goose duck duck
The kids have run amuck
This game is so avant garde, and

Duck duck goose
I guess you can deduce
Life is so much fun in a garden.

This goofy gaggle was made of recycled rebar and plastic bags, cement, peat moss, chicken wire, steel, and tarnished bronze coating. I will display “Duck, Duck Goose” starting Saturday August 24th at “Come Out and Play” at JimGin Farm. Then, this assemblage will be at the North Carolina Botanical Garden “Sculpture in the Garden”  September 21st through December.


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