Sunday, August 18, 2013

L'Homme Vert

The legendary Green Man deity of the British Isles and Europe was believed to create rain, sustain nature, and support livestock and pasture. He has adorned churches, all sorts of buildings, and feels very comfortable in the garden. L’Lomme Vert is created from cement, peat moss, chicken wire, 100 year old tin roof tiles and found deer antlers with tarnished bronze coating, exterior house paint and eye balls by Jonathan Davis. I will display “L’Homme Vert” starting Saturday August 24th at “Come Out and Play” at JimGin Farm. Then, this assemblage will be at the North Carolina Botanical Garden “Sculpture in the Garden” September 21st through December.



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Anora McGaha said...

Wonderful art on the tree! I've enjoyed seeing your art at the Joyful Jewel as well.