Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Geek's Guide to Making Art

I was educated as a scientist, and came to art very late in life. I like to experiment with different approaches and media. Lately, I have been playing with watercolor. I love the luminosity of the pigments in watercolors. My favorite teacher, Emma Skurnick, has been guiding me in the layering of watercolor and various pencil effects.

I am not very good at drawing, so I use photographs to help me get the basic dimensions down on paper.
Here are the steps that I took in creating a painting of a fellow artist's wonderful horse. Click on the images to see more detail.
First I took a photo of her.

I also took a picture of a window in the barn on the property.

In Photoshop, I combined the two shots into a basic composition.

I printed the combination photo and, using a light box, traced the basic design. After scanning the traced image, I printed it on watercolor paper.

Using watercolors, I blocked out the basic planes of the painting.

Finally, I added details with colored pencil, watercolor pencil and pastel pencil.
I call the piece Homebody.

Charming Springhouse Near Allentown PA

This little springhouse was built in the mid 1700s. I saw it on a visit to our daughter's family this autumn. I took a photo, and painted it using watercolor and colored pencil.

Friday, January 27, 2012

General Store Cafe has Closed

I am saddened by the news that our General Store CafĂ© has had to close its doors. Since Carol-Ann and I moved to Chatham County, the GSC has been our favorite place to have a nice meal, listen to good jazz, and enjoy original local art. For me personally, the General Store Cafe was a venue for folks to see and purchase my paintings and sculpture. I feel that Chatham artists have lost our “clubhouse”. We have attended several events supporting community organizations at the GSC.

 Joyce and Vance are stalwarts of our community, and I thank them for all that they have done for us.
Wishing them all the best in the future,