Thursday, August 11, 2022

Frogue Magazine's Best of 2022


Fine Art Froguery

Frogue Magazine has named its Best Dressed Amphibians of 2022 These resplendent critters will make their debut in September at the North Carolina Botanical Garden at the Sculpture in the Garden show. .In this post, I will show how I make my Frogues from galvanized steel flashing sheets. First, I make a paper template of the frogue shape and mark it in the flat metal sheet.

The metal shapes are cut out with chicken boning scissors.

Using chasing and repose techniques, the flat shape is made into a 3D form.

I cut a piece if wood to fit inside the frogue belly.

The wood piece is epoxy glued into the belly. 

Glass eyeballs are glueed in the head and a metal top of head is added.

The bottom of the frogue is painted with black exterior house paint.

The top surface of the frog is painted using a pointillism technique. this allows the shiny metal to show, giving a sense of light and movement.

In this series, I have used primary, secondary colors and black and white exterior house paint.

Come to the Botanical Garden and select your favorite Frogue.