Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fearrington Writers Read

The first (annual) Fearrington Writers’ Read will be held at McIntyre’s Book Store in Fearrington Village on Wednesday, June 26 at 2 p.m.

Here’s your chance to hear your neighbors and friends, who are members of the Fearrington Writing Group, read short prose work they have written.

You are in for a treat when you listen to, and ask questions of, these eight skilled writers:

             Sherman Poultney (coordinator, Prose Group II) 

Dick Merwarth (coordinator, Prose Group I)

Forrest Greenslade (co-founder, Fearrington Writers’ Group)

William A. Polf

Caroline Taylor

Les Ewen

Barry Reece (co-founder, Fearrington Writers’ Group)

Laura T. Jensen (facilitator, Fearrington Writers’ Group)


About the Fearrington Writers Group

The Fearrington Writers’ Group is open to any resident interested in writing. Our aim is to:
-discuss the art and business of writing;
-aid one another in composition and publishing;
-share useful information; and,
-give participants a platform for our work.

Many members of the group have shown interest in family history, personal memoir, essays, creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry. The group meets regularly from September through May. The format of our meetings is influenced by input from members.

In general, we attempt to:
-provide useful information for writers and anyone who is thinking about writing’
-encourage members to share experiences from writers’ conferences and workshops;
-provide a forum for sharing your writing; and,
-encourage writing – in any form – for any purpose.

We encourage everyone to write something! There are two subgroups: one for folks interested in poetry (see below) and another one for those interested in prose writing (see below). We are eager to fine-tune our mission and change our meeting format to meet the needs of the group. We encourage any and all comments and suggestions.

Contact Laura T. Jensen at:
Dick Merwarth (Prose Group)
Bill Sommers (Poetry Group)