Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Making faces

Facing Humanity

For several months, I have been sculpting faces inspired by individuals in many countries around the globe.They will be an assemblage in this year's Sculpture in the Garden exhibit at the NC Botanical Garden. It is an exploration of the diversity and unity of us.

Here is how I create them.

First, I select an interesting face from a part of the world. I don't consider the face to be representative of the country. It just catches my attention. 

I make an armiture out of hardware cloth, an kind of chicken wire.

I then make a composit concrete using cement, peat moss and an acrylic fortifyer. I model and carve a likeness of the subject face.

The faces will assembled into an exhibit at Sculpture in the Garden at the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

Come to the Garden and enjoy sculptures by artists from all over our state presented against wonderful plant materials.

Sculpture in the Garden

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