Sunday, May 7, 2017

Now -- the cosmos and me

expanding, particles
or waves, it’s not certain,
voided a black nothing. Lusting
attraction forced elemental marriage, molecular
gathering.  Gaseous worlds, clotting, exploding, flaming,
captured lesser spheres spinning in their influence. On one such
orb, cooling in its unique place, condensing gasses rained upon the surface,
conjuring ever increasing complexity. In this water world, solid masses drifted. In
the ooze, creating itself in its own image, the helical first, base pairs zippered, directed
invisible architecture. Tiny spheres begat tiny spheres, begat spheres of spheres, begat tubes
of spheres, begat tubes within tubes, begat swimmers, crawlers, flyers, runners, climbers. Tooth
and claw, the fittest, fastest, hungriest, sexiest and brainiest prevailed. They were fruitful and filled the orb and subdued it, and had dominion over the swimmers and over the flyers and
over every living thing that moved. Honoring various gods or various one gods, they
slaughtered the unbelievers, built monuments to various gods or to various one
gods, or to themselves. And unto themselves, they erected great cities,
devised great technologies, diversified great cultures. They
painted on cave walls, printed on papyrus, cast
in stone, iron, bronze and cathode, sent
texts bursts of ones and twos,
 all this so I can utter
 these words
to you,

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