Monday, May 8, 2017

Things that God doesn't even notice

crossing themselves
before taking their foul shots or
attempting field goals tricky dives fancy twirls
hail Mary passes heavy lifts gallant saves Lottery tickets
rolling dice card cuts sprinting ponies point spread game scores
Math test scores IQs class rankings SATs performance evaluations
community standings annual incomes Dow Jones Industrial Average Gross
Domestic Product globalization angst Cholesterol ratios bad hair days common
colds seasonal allergies influenza epidemics chronic emphysema terminal cancer
myocardial infarction sudden death infant mortality School yard killings heroin
overdoses drive by shootings racial conflict ethnic cleansing Abusing priests
disintegrating families corrupt politicians collapsing infrastructure WMD
shock and awe Tsunamis hurricanes earth quakes draughts wild fires
global warming radioactive waste famine species loss Dead Jews
Armenians Cambodians Serbians Croatians Rwandans
Darfurians Iraqis Evangelists profits jihadists
popes Sermons scriptures epiphanies
revelations fatwas

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